Get the best solar panels and battery storage solution for your home or business. Solar panels capture the sun’s energy and converts it into electricity which can be used in your home, business or exported back into the national grid.

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There is no better time to save money on your energy by going green. By installing solar panels to your home, you can generate your own renewable electricity and become less dependent on the national grid.


Protection from rising energy costs


Reduce your carbon footprint by generating green power


Create some energy independence


Reduce your electric bills


Sell what you don’t need to the National Grid (SEG)

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What is Solar PV?

When we talk about Solar PV for homes and businesses, it is commonly known as a solar panel system. The PV stands for Photovoltaics, which is where light from the sun is converted into electricity using semiconducting materials. The photovoltaic effect is used by homeowners and businesses when solar panels are installed and used to generate electricity. By using the sun to provide free energy into your home for electricity, we cut the demand for fossil fuels and become less exposed to rising energy costs!


Solar panels reducing UK carbon footprint

Solar panels have played a significant role in reducing the UK’s carbon emissions. This is largely due to the big energy companies and large national solar projects, but there has also been significant growth and uptake within the residential housing industry too. The construction industry use solar panels on new build homes to meet carbon neutral targets. Subsequently, solar panels have become increasingly popular with homeowners and businesses too. This is due to escalating energy bills and users wanting to become more energy independent.

Clean energy and reduce bills

Electrical energy generated by Solar PV systems are a renewable energy source and reduce the need for electricity to be generated by burning fossil fuels.

Using the electrical powered generated from solar panels, users draw less from the national grid and reduce their own electrical bills. The amount of savings will depend on system size and amount of electricity used, as well as factors such as whether you’re at home during the day or if you have a storage battery. To give you an indication of what can be achieved take a look via the Energy Saving Trust calculator.

If Solar PV is of interest our Technical Advisors can visit your home and discuss all aspects of the installation and then provide a quotation and personal performance estimate based on your property, usage and proposed system.


Get paid for what you don’t use

Any energy you consume yourself will save buying it from the grid, which at current prices can be very lucrative. However, unless you have a large battery storage, it is unlikely that you will use all the energy you generate, but you can then sell this excess power back to the national grid and generate an income on top of your savings. Under the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) scheme households get paid for solar energy they export. You can read more about the Smart Export Guarantee here.

Become energy independent

By using the sun to provide free energy into your home for electricity, we cut the demand for fossil fuels and become less exposed to rising energy costs! The quicker we switch to renewables energy, the quicker we will be truly independent. It is now possible to combine renewable energy solutions to have total control and energy independence.



For homeowners, landlords, businesses, local authorities and new build developers.


Free specialist advice, system design and calculations to ensure our clients get the best from our renewable energy solutions.


Benefit from our wealth of knowledge and experience. Fully accredited by multiple governing bodies and organisations.


Dedicated aftercare support, specialising in servicing and maintenance to ensure the maximum system performance and life.


For total peace of mind, Heppelthwaite – Green Building Solutions invoice after the work is complete.

Solar Panels
Solar Panels

Eco Green Building Solutions is dedicated to helping our customers harness the power of solar energy. With our high performance solar panel installations, you can enjoy the benefits of clean, sustainable energy while saving on your utility bills.



There are a number of home battery storage solutions that work with or without solar panels, such as the Tesla Powerwall, SunSynk and More.

Tesla Home Battery
Battery Storage


Easy Payment Options. Spread The Cost Over 3, 5, 7 or 10 years.

Heppelthwaite can now offer finance packages to all our customers to help pay for the installation of our solar PV and battery storage systems. Solar finance is an excellent way to benefit from solar panels with no upfront costs. Customers can spread the costs into monthly instalments stretched over 3, 5, 7 or 10 years.



Solar energy from a standlone solar panel installation will significantly help reduce energy dependence on the grid. As well as, to help you save on energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint. However, to become totally energy independent, there are other factors to consider in the design stages of your installation.

Smart heating controls

Smart heating controls allow users to remotely control their central heating systems. Therefore, it is an extremely effective and reliable renewable energy solution putting the user in full control. The smart heating controls link up to the A-Rated boiler or renewable heating system to improve efficiency and reduce the amount of wasted heat. Furthermore, users can operate heating remotely by using devices such as a smart phone, tablet or a PC.

smart heating controls

Underfloor heating

An underfloor heating system uses water heated at a much lower temperature in comparison to a traditional radiator system. For example, a radiator system needs to use water that is much hotter (70-80°C). Whereas, underfloor heating water is heated to approximately 40°C.

Therefore, this makes an a A-Rated boiler and underfloor heating a perfect combination. It will help maximise the boiler efficiency and waste less energy.

air source heat pumps

Renewable Energy Solutions

Renewable heating solutions reduce your reliance on fossil fuels and protect yourself from rising energy prices. However, there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to renewable energy. There are many options, such as heat-pumps, biomass and solar. Visit our renewable energy page to learn more.

air source heat pumps


The best renewable energy option for your property will depend on your budget, property space, and how much money you want to save on energy bills. Although there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to renewable energy, we provide the full range of renewable heating and energy saving solutions, with expert guidance and advice. 

Award Winning Design and Installation Team

From design to installation and aftercare, our renewable energy and solar installation team is reliable, honest and dedicated. Subsequently, our services have been recognized at the highest level. Heppelthwaite has won multiple awards and recognitions over the years, which includes The Energy Efficiency Awards 2018 and 2019, Thames Valley Business Awards, Which Trusted Trader Winners and more.

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Thanks for all your help. You work for a very good, reputable and trust-worthy company. I have been very pleased with the attention to detail throughout the installation. I will have no hesitation in recommending your company to others.

Chineham, Hampshire

Solar Panel Installation, Customer Review

From the outset, showed flexibility and competence, factors which were very important given the style of our house. At installation all those involved, scaffolders, roofers and electricians demonstrated professionalism and a high level of customer care. Nothing was too much trouble, and we have been left with an excellent result. We can highly recommend this organisation to anyone considering Solar energy. A pleasure to deal with and treated us and our home with utmost respect and consideration.

Cookham, Berkshire

Solar Panel Installation, Customer Review


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