Smart heating controls are internet connected programmable controls for central heating and hot water. Giving you total control and management of your system. 


Smart heating controls allow users to remotely control their central heating systems. Giving you full control and management of your heating system, and providing useful data to make informed decisions and minimise wasted energy.


Multi-room control


Operate heating remotely via mobile or pc


Historical and informative data on system performance


Control heating and reduce energy bills


Requires little or no maintenance


Compact in size


Easy to install

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Smart Heating Controls


What is a Smart Heating control?

Smart heating controls are internet connected programmable controls for central heating and hot water. The smart heating controls link up to the boiler to improve efficiency and reduce the amount of wasted heat by having better control. Users can operate heating remotely by using devices such as a smart phone, tablet or a PC, ensuring you only heat your home when required and minimise wasted energy. 

smart heating controls
smart heating controls

How does a Smart Heating Control help?

Everyone can benefit from using a smart heating control. Having the ultimate control of your heating at the palm of your hands has never been easier. Furthermore, homeowners who have a requirement for controlling the heating remotely will benefit most. For example, if you are caring for a less abled or elderly person, if you travel frequently and forget to turn your heating off, or you rent a property that requires the heating to be switched off in-between tenants.

Smart heating controls are excellent for remotely turning up your heating so that you arrive back to a nice warm house. Equally, you can switch off the heating remotely should you not be at home and don’t need it on.


Smart heating controls can easily be integrated into existing heating systems.

Smart Heating Controls work with existing central heating

Smart heating controls are connected to a home’s Wi-Fi and boiler. You will need to check with a manufacturer that your boiler is compatible with the smart heating control. However, most (if not all) modern A-rated boilers will be compatible.

air source heat pumps
air source heat pumps

Great with underfloor and renewable heating solutions

A smart heating control is essential to any modern heating system. If you are upgrading your system to an A-rated boiler or renewable energy system, such as a heat pump or biomass, then a smart heating control should be part of the package. Even if you have an older heating system, a smart heating control could be easily added.


The installation of smart heating controls is not a complex operation for an experienced plumber, as modern valves and controls are designed to fit direct replacements. In some cases there maybe requirements to alter pipe work, and furthermore the system may need to be isolated and drained down before any work is undertaken. Consequently, it could take a qualified plumber approximately half a day to a full day to install a smart thermostat heating control system. The amount of time would depend on the the size of property and number of valves being fitted.

System Set Up Overview

When TRV’s are connected to radiators, a smart heating control can then be used to instruct the boiler where to distribute heat within the home. This is the same set up as a standard system however the difference is that the user doesn’t need to be at home to control the heating. Those that have smart controls benefit from using their mobile, tablet or pc to control the heating remotely.

smart heating controls




The Nest thermostatic control learns the temperatures you like and creates a personalised schedule for your home.
smart heating controls


Some boiler manufacturers such as Worcester Bosch offer their own thermostatic smart controls. This is the Wave by Worcester Bosch

smart heating controls


With touchscreen control the user can quickly gain control of exactly where and when the property should be heated.




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The best renewable energy option for your property will depend on your budget, property space, and how much money you want to save on energy bills. Although there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to renewable energy, the following renewable heating solutions provide you with a comprehensive range of benefits

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Installed Nest Thermostat

Very responsive company, it’s hard to get tradespeople these days but Heppelthwaite were very quick at responding to my emails. The work was carried out quickly and easily with no issues. They were very professional and helpful. I will definitely be using them again as they were reliable and the quote was reasonable.

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New Boiler and Thermostat

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Came and checked work needed then a quote was sent through via email. New programmer installed two days later. Have used Hepplethwaite on number of times and well pleased with all work carried out.

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