Celebrating the Future of Green Energy


Aylesbury College Launch The Bucks Green Energy Skills Hub

The launch of the Bucks Green Energy Skills Hub at Aylesbury College marks a significant milestone in advancing renewable energy education. This top facility is set to revolutionise the way students learn about and engage with low-carbon technologies. The hub has been developed in collaboration with industry giants Daikin and Quantum Group.


Groundbreaking Initiative for Sustainable Education

The Bucks Green Energy Skills Hub is designed to provide comprehensive training on renewable technologies, including heat pumps and solar panels. The facility features eleven bays, each dedicated to different aspects of green technology. Therefore, allowing students to gain hands-on experience in a real-world setting.

The training hub caters to a diverse group of learners. It is open to students aged 16-18 on full-time study programs. Furthermore, the hub supports individuals over the age of 19 who are looking to develop careers within renewable energy. This inclusive approach ensures anyone can benefit from the training, helping to build a more sustainable future workforce.


Grand Opening Ceremony: A Step Towards Net Zero

The grand opening event on Tuesday, 21st May, was a celebration of this forward-thinking initiative. Attended by local organisations, industry leaders and community members, the event showcased the collaborative spirit driving this project. The event began with a warm welcome from Jenny Craig, Principal and CEO of Buckinghamshire College Group. Presentations then followed from Buckinghamshire Council, Hepplethwaite the Red Van Plumbers / Eco Green Building Solutions, and others.

The evening concluded with the official ribbon-cutting ceremony led by the Deputy Lieutenant of Buckinghamshire, Ruth Farwell CBE DL.


Empowering Future Generations

The Bucks Green Energy Skills Hub is more than just a training facility. It is a beacon of hope for a sustainable future by providing students with the knowledge and practical skills to work with low-carbon technologies. The Hub is playing a crucial role in addressing the urgent need for skilled professionals in the green energy sector. This initiative supports the government’s goal of becoming net zero by 2050. However, it also helps develop a culture of sustainability within the local community.

The grand opening of the Bucks Green Energy Skills Hub is a testament to what can be achieved when educational institutions, industry leaders and local organisations work together towards a common goal. It is a promising step forward in the journey towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly world.

Eco Green Building Solutions: Supporting Aylesbury College

Heppelthwaite – Green Building Solutions is dedicated to advancing sustainable initiatives and backing educational programs that pave the way for a greener future. With a longstanding partnership with Aylesbury College in plumbing and heating, we proudly support the Bucks Green Energy Skills Hub to ensure students receive quality education in renewable energy technologies.

Our expert renewable energy technician, Jamie, played a key role in the launch event by delivering a speech. Jamie’s talk emphasised the importance of renewable energy education and highlighted the Hub’s role in building a sustainable future. Furthermore, Jamie discussed how the comprehensive training programs offered at the Hub will equip the next generation of engineers and technicians with the skills needed to install and maintain renewable energy systems.

We look forward to continuing our support for Aylesbury College and collaborating on future projects that promote sustainable practices and renewable energy education

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