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Home Solar Panel Installation in Reading

Solar Panel Installation: Reading

With the global shift towards sustainable energy, more homeowners are looking into renewable energy options to decrease their carbon footprint and lower their energy expenses. In this blog post, we showcase the advantages of renewable energy. Furthermore, we highlight the efficiency and cost savings of our solar panel systems, and hope to inspire you to start your energy independence journey.

Solar Panel Installation in Reading
Solar Panel Installation in Reading

The Technology Behind Our Solar Panel System Installations

Not all solar panel systems are the same. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose the right system based on various factors, such as energy needs, roof space and budget. For this installation in Reading, Berkshire, we have selected the following components to ensure maximum performance and returns for our client.

Longi High Efficiency Solar Panels

We used Longi 435 Watt Panels (LR5-54HTB-435M), renowned for their high efficiency and durability. These panels generate 5,559 kWh per year, ensuring that the home is powered by reliable and sustainable energy.

GivEnergy Advanced Inverter Technology

Our systems feature the GivEnergy Hybrid 5.0 Gen 3 inverter, offering 5 kW of inverter power. This advanced technology ensures that the energy produced by the solar panels is efficiently converted and utilised, maximising your energy independence.

GivEnergy Robust Battery Storage

With the GivEnergy 9.5kWh Li-Ion Battery (Giv-Bat9.5), the customer can store excess energy generated during the day for use at night or during cloudy periods. For example, it is estimated that the customer will use 61% self-consumption. Therefore, the remaining 39% will be stored within the battery or exported to the grid. Hence, ensuring the customer gets the most out of their solar investment.

Solar Panel Installation in Reading

Long Term Solar System Warranties for Peace of Mind

Warranties ensure that the customers’ investment is protected for years to come, providing them with peace of mind and reliable energy production. This solar panel system comes with:

  • 25 Year Panel Product Warranty
  • 25 Year Panel Performance Warranty
  • 12 Year Inverter Product Warranty
  • 12 Year Battery Product Warranty

Additionally, Eco Green Building Solutions provides more than just a workmanship guarantee. As a family-run business with an outstanding reputation, we have a dedicated aftercare team to ensure all customers receive the best possible service for years to come.

Solar Panel Installation in Reading
Solar Panel Installation in Reading
Solar Panel Installation in Reading

What Are The Benefits Of This Solar Energy Install?

The solar panel installation in Reading not only provides environmental benefits but also impressive economic returns.


Environmental Benefits

Switching to solar energy significantly reduces your environmental impact. It is estimated that this solar panel installation in Reading will contribute to avoiding 1.4 tonnes of CO₂ emissions per year. That is equivalent to planting 271 trees or avoiding 42,081 car kilometers over the system’s lifetime. By choosing solar, this customer is taking a substantial step towards a greener future.

Economic Advantages

Solar energy is not just good for the planet, it’s also a smart financial decision. With our solar panel installation in Reading, the homeowner can expect results similar to the following:

  • Estimated Annual Electricity Bill Savings: £1,556
  • Rate of Return on Investment: 16.4%
  • Total Return on Investment: 336%
  • Lifetime Bill Savings: £53,028
  • Payback Period: 6-7 years for the system to pay for itself


By embracing renewable energy solutions and prioritising energy efficiency, homeowners can play a pivotal role in shaping a more sustainable future for generations to come. This recent solar panel installation in Reading exemplifies the transformative power of renewable energy. With installations like this one, homeowners can embark on a journey towards energy independence and a brighter tomorrow.

Investing in a solar panel installation with Eco Green Building Solutions is a decision that benefits both your wallet and the environment. With substantial savings, a significant return on investment, and considerable environmental benefits, there has never been a better time to go green. Contact us today to learn more about how you can start your journey towards sustainable energy with our expert solar panel installation services.

How to Get Started with Solar Panel Installation

Making the switch to renewable energy has never been easier. At Eco Green Building Solutions, we provide a hassle-free installation process. Our team of solar experts will guide you through every step, from initial design and consultation, to installation and maintenance.

Step-by-Step Solar Installation Process

  1. Initial Consultation: We assess your energy needs and requirements.
  2. Free Custom Design: Our engineers design a solar panel system optimised for your energy consumption and roof space. They will then provide advice and answer any questions you may have.
  3. Installation: Our professional installers ensure that your solar panels and related equipment are installed efficiently and correctly.
  4. Monitoring and Maintenance: There is little to no maintenance required for solar panels. However, we offer ongoing support and aftercare if required.


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The pricing of solar panels can vary based on specific needs and preferences. However, we are pleased to offer a FREE DESIGN PROPOSAL to assist our clients in making well-informed decisions. This personalised proposal encompasses all relevant details, including costs and performance estimates, all tailored to your individual requirements. Additionally, if you are considering other renewable energy options, such as heat pumps, we invite you to schedule a consultation with us.

Alternatively, call our expert team on 01628 533 550 or drop us a message here.