Solar Panel Installation in Uxbridge

With Battery Storage and Heat Pump

Here is a recent solar panel, battery and air source heat pump installation in Uxbridge. The fully optimised solar PV system, combined with integrated battery storage and an air source heat pump, ensures high performance, efficiency, and optimal energy utilisation. Discover the benefits of our installation, including significant cost savings on energy bills and the environmental advantages of reducing carbon emissions.


Introducing the perfect combination of renewable energy resources.

Starting with the panels, the JA Solar high-efficiency 500w panels are a great choice for quality and affordability. The JA Solar panels provide a reliable and sustainable solution for homeowners’ energy needs.

Complementing the solar panels is the Fox HV2600, a versatile and high-performance battery storage solution. Offering scalability and maximum flexibility, this solution caters to a wide range of storage applications. Its modular design allows for additional batteries, allowing the option of increasing the storage capacity if required. And when it comes to the inverter, we installed the hybrid Fox ESS due to the advanced features and compatibility.

As for the heating, we installed a compact and highly efficient Grant Aerona³ heat pump. This provides homeowners with a renewable solution to meet their heating and hot water requirements.


With our solar and battery system, customers can enjoy the advantages of producing their own clean, sustainable energy while saving thousands. This system is truly a great investment, with estimated lifetime savings exceeding £30,000 and a payback period of just over 7 years. Furthermore, utilising the eco-friendly Grant Aerona³ heat pump, the customer achieves optimal performance to effectively heat the home. What’s even better? The customer has become significantly more energy independent and contributes to protecting the planet.


The costs of solar panels vary depending on different requirements. However, we provide a FREE DESIGN PROPOSAL to help our customers make informed decisions about solar panels and battery storage solutions. This design proposal includes the system cost and other details that are specific to your requirements (home/business). Additionally, if you’re interested in other renewable energy solutions, such as a heat pump, then please feel free to book a consultation.

My property is a three bedroom bungalow and I had recently upgraded my loft and cavity wall insulation. When it became necessary to replace my old gas boiler I decided to look at a heat pump alternative. My research indicated that a typical heat pump will convert 1KW of input electricity to 3KW of heat, but as electricity was three time the cost of gas per KWh there seemed little financial incentive. However if I could generate my own electricity it would be another matter, so solar panels entered the equation. I approached two or three companies for advice and quotes as I was keen to have one installer provide a total, integrated package.

Heppelthwaites surveyed my property, did the necessary heat calculations and provided an estimate. I chose them to do the installation as everything about this was professional. When it came to doing the job, the installation teams were equally professional (and friendly!) As it also included replacing all my radiators, I was expecting a big upheaval, but they were extremely tidy and accommodating to my needs. So what has been the outcome? The installation was done in March/April 2023 so I do not have a full year’s comparison yet, but I am very happy with the results so far.

During the summer (when the sun shone!) I was almost self-sufficient. Obviously heating was not required but there was lashings of hot water and the usual power requirements: my average monthly electricity bill from May to October was £29 (of which £14 was the standing charge) and I was no longer using any gas. During the winter period I was a little worried whether the heat pump would keep the house warm, but I have to report that it does the job with “muscle” to spare. The cloudy days and low angle of the sun at this time of year has impacted on the amount of electricity I am generating but the bills are much lower than they used to be and my average electricity use from October to December has been £181 per month (including standing charge). This is a saving of at least 40% and I’m expecting this to improve once I have a full year’s comparison, especially when I can get my electricity supplier to sort out my Smart Energy Guarantee. Oh yes – I’m also smugly greener!



Solar Panels, battery and heat pump installation
Solar Panels, battery and heat pump installation

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Our design team provide the best solar energy solutions based on your requirements. Moreover, our team will provide a free design in order to provide you all the information you need to be able to make a decision. Request a solar panel design today and see whether you can benefit from a solar PV panel and battery storage system.

Alternatively, please feel free to give us a call or message us.