Home Battery Solar Panel Installation Maidenhead, Berkshire

Introducing our innovative Solar Panel installation in Maidenhead, Berkshire. The fully optimised solution seamlessly integrates with an existing 2.5kW registered system. With the addition of a battery and optimisers to provide superior performance and efficiency, our installation ensures optimal energy utilisation and cost savings.


SolarEdge optimisers were fitted to allow multiple varied panel orientations. The home hub inverter allows multiple smart inputs. As such, hot water heater, smart sockets and controls are all managed via one application. The DC-DC battery inverter maximises system efficiency, charging the battery without grid compliance restrictions.



With our fully optimised solar and battery installation, our customer now enjoys the advantages of producing their own clean, sustainable energy while saving thousands. This system is truly a great investment, with estimated 83% self-consumption of the solar energy produced and an expected lifetime saving exceeding £43,000. What’s even better? By reducing their carbon emissions, the customer not only becomes more energy independent but also contributes to protecting the planet.


The costs of solar panels vary depending on different requirements. However, we provide a FREE DESIGN PROPOSAL to help our customers make informed decisions about solar panels and battery storage solutions. This design proposal includes the system cost and other details that are specific to your requirements (home/business). Request online design proposal here.

Solar Panel Install Maidenhead


When it comes to finding affordable solar power systems for your home, JA Solar is a great option for panels. With a wide array of brands to choose from, JA Solar stands out as one of the top-performing and most efficient options for homeowners on a budget. Offering quality and affordability, JA Solar panels provide a reliable and sustainable solution for homeowners’ energy needs. Therefore, JA Solar is a budget-friendly and environmentally conscious choice. Learn more about JA Solar here.

Solar Panel Installation Maidenhead


Highly efficient DC-coupled batteries store excess solar energy for powering the home when rates are high or at night. When installed with Backup Interface, they provide reliable backup power during outages. Futhermore, SolarEdge optimisers can help maximise solar panel performance by mitigating all types of panel mismatch-loss, partial shading or multiple roof orientation challenges.

Learn more about SolarEdge products here.


Our design team provide the best solar energy solutions based on your requirements. Moreover, our team will provide a free design in order to provide you all the information you need to be able to make a decision. Request a solar panel design today and see whether you can benefit from a solar PV panel and battery storage system.

Alternatively, please feel free to give us a call or message us.