Not only can you benefit from big savings on energy bills, homes and businesses that go green can also get paid for the energy you don’t use.


What is the Smart Export Guarantee?

The Smart Export Guarantee is a govenment backed scheme that supports the use of renewable energy solutions. If you generate renewable electricity in your home or business, you will be paid for every unit of electricity that you feed back.

Why is the Government doing this?

The UK government must reduce its carbon footprint. Moreover, the UK must become less dependent on fossil fuels and less dependent on importing energy from overseas too. In addition to this, the UK have committed to reaching net zero by 2050.

Therefore, the government has pledged significant investment to help drastically accelerate the use of renewable energy across the UK.

However, more must be done!

Furthermore, the government has set energy providers a target for all electricity to come from 100% zero-carbon generation by 2035.

How has it already benefited the UK?

There has already been a substantial reduction of carbon emission in the UK over the past couple of decades. Most noteworthy, the electricity generation from renewable energy in the UK has seen a substantial rise. In 1991, renewables accounted for 2% of all electrical generation. By 2013 this figure had risen to 14.6%. By 2020, zero-carbon electricity production overtook fossil fuels for the first time.

The UK is positioned to be one of the world leaders in renewable energy generation and is introducing new schemes, incentives, and investment in order to continue this positive ECO GREEN ENERGY movement.

Who can be a SEG Generator?

If your home or business has one of the following renewable energy solutions, then you could benefit from the SEG:

Please note the that you will need to meet a certain criteria to be eligiable. However, Heppelthwaite Green Building Solutions can help. Furthermore, we have provided additional information below.

How does the SEG work?

SEG Licensees determine the rate which they will pay SEG Generators, the contract length and other terms. Generators thinking of applying for a SEG tariff should therefore shop around to see which tariff is best for their individual circumstances.

SEG tariff rates must always be above zero. SEG payments are calculated by using export meter readings. SEG Generators are paid by their chosen SEG Licensee for the electricity which they export back to the National Grid.

What criteria to be able to get SEG?

You will need to meet a certain criteria to be eligible. However, Heppelthwaite Green Building Solutions can help. Furthermore, we have provided additional information below. These installations must be located in Great Britain.

These installations must be located in Great Britain and have a total installed capacity (TIC) of no more than 5MW, or no more than 50kW for Micro-CHP.

You must have a meter capable of providing half-hourly export readings. This would typically be a smart meter. Speak to your energy supplier about getting a smart meter installed if you do not already have one.

You need to show that your installation and installer are certified through the microgeneration certification scheme (MCS) or equivalent.

You cannot receive a SEG tariff if you are receiving export payments under the old Feed-in Tariff scheme.

How to apply for SEG?

You need to apply directly to a SEG tariff supplier to get paid. The Ofgem website lists the energy suppliers that provide SEG tariffs.

Any tips for maximising the benefits?

If you have a storage device, such as a household battery or electric vehicle, that has the ability to import and export electricity, it could also be used to benefit from the SEG. Your prospective SEG tariff supplier can advise you about this.

How much could you get paid or save?

Getting Paid: Large energy suppliers in the UK pay households for the renewable energy exported into the national grid under the Smart Export Guarantee scheme. However, the amount paid by each provider does vary. The price p/kWh can range from 1 to around 15 (p/kWh).

Saving: You will not be paid for electricity that you use yourself. However, you will save money by using your own energy and not having to draw energy from the national grid. With the cost of living crisis and escalating energy bills, generating your own energy and saving has become very popular among the thousands who have made the switch to renewable energy.

Energy Saving Trust calculator to estimate how much you could save from solar panels or other renewable electricity generating systems.  how much you could earn selling unused energy back.


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