Air Source Heat Pump Grant

The Heat Pump Grant Incentive Has Increased To £7,500

For anyone interested in going green, this is an excellent opportunity. Successful applicants will now receive a heat pump grant of £7,500 from the government’s net zero incentive programme. The Boiler Upgrade Scheme is designed to help homeowners with the cost of installing a heat pump in their home. This amounts to a 50% increase over the £5,000 initially provided for installing air source heat pumps.

Air Source and Ground Source Heat Pumps

Extract energy from the external environment, and use this energy to heat your home and hot water. Furthermore, a heat pump works great with underfloor heating and Solar PV. Discover more about heat pumps and the grants here.

Become More Energy Independent!

Great news for homeowners whose boiler needs replacing! The £7,500 grants are available for air source and ground source heat pumps. Additionally, there is also a £5,000 grant for biomass boilers too!

With the costs of renewable energy solutions at it’s lowest and big grant incentives, there really is no better time to Go GREEN!

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Heat Pump Grant